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財団法人 日本語教育振興協会認定校 九州言語教育学院 Kyusyu Language Eduational Institute

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Schedule of school 2016 | 九州言語教育学院

June 19th, 2016

2016June 10  – School tests for class division

2016June19   -Examination for Japanese University Admission for International StudentsEJU) 1st Session

2016July3  -Japanese Language Proficiency Tests 1st Session

2016July5  -Access Lead Education Fair (Guidence for further study)

2016July10   -Sanpou University Guidance Programme @ School

2016July11  Class StartsJuly Session)

2016August  1-Summer Vacation Startsexcept July session 2016

2016August12 -Student of July session  Summer Vacation Starts(Till 2016 August 22)

2016August29 -School tests for class division

2016August08-Sanpou University Guidance Programme


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