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Self evaluation | 九州言語教育学院

April 2nd, 2017

Date of Evaluation: January 30th, 2017
Person in Charge: Principal Li Ming
Evaluator: LI Ming(Principal) ,HUANG Zhe ( Secretary-general),
MATSUDA Yumiko (Chief of teaching section)

-General Remarks-
We established our school to contribute international society and to foster people who can contribute to global society. We give Japanese language education to students who eager to enter Japanese universities or graduate schools, foreign research students and people who engaged in business. Our students attained each of their goals; entered Japanese national/private universities, graduate schools or technical colleges these past 7 years since we opened our school. Our school meets the criteria that immigration office set to manage Japanese language institution and we report them and obtain conduct from them directly.
We have morning session and afternoon session and have a student capacity of 224. The principal, a chief of teaching section, 5 full-time teachers, 12 part-time teachers and 4 student support staff work for our school along with the regulation. We hire only who has qualification as a teacher and we set 3 months of practice period for inexperienced teachers. 3 out of 4 of student support staff are full-time staff and their assignments are clearly divided by their specialties and skills. We define skills, knowledge, abilities and qualities as a teacher and staff to attain our educational goals and it is public. It helps to evaluate ourselves.

We make our programs based on the philosophy to contribute international society and to foster a person who will contribute to the world. We evaluate students’ Japanese level every 3 months by exams and organize classes. We give students grades based on daily attitude and marks and term exams. Full-time teachers have more than 3 years of experiences and take charge of classes. Full-time and part-time teachers cooperate to teach students and improve their own skills and knowledge.
Our first priority is to progress students’ Japanese ability. We have meetings to check how the classes are going, how students are doing and seek their weakness so that we can devise next class schedules and consider if they need extra lessons or assignments. Especially we have to consider about students came from non-Kanji counties such as Vietnam and Nepal when we create programs. They need more time to master Kanji, they are good at listening and conversation than reading and grammar

-Student support-
Our duty is to ease their worries as soon as they started new life. Students have worries and anxieties when they begin their new life in Japan as foreign students because most of the students are away from their own countries for the first time. We communicate and cooperate with their parents and families in order to students can graduate our school successfully. We give students advices about study, daily life and course after graduation. Class room teachers take a great care on course advices; have individual interviews in order to know their will, financial condition and circumstances, consider student’s ability and Japanese level and support them until all students enter higher educational institutions. We provide students information as much as possible before they choose courses. We invite universities/colleges and hold school information sessions, take students to school fairs and get guidance from the school directly if needed.
Medical examination is carried out once a year and we take students to Fukuoka city disaster prevention center to learn appropriate emergency acts.

-Student recruitment-
We have recruited students 7 countries of Asia and Europe. We inform our motto, curriculum and method before we accept students and we visit overseas agencies regularly to provide correct information. We would like to recruit balanced diversity of students, accomplish our educational duty along with our motto.

-Financial status-
It has been 8 years since we opened the school, the number of students is increasing, annual sales reached 90 million Japanese Yen and our medium-and-long-term of financial status is stable. Our financial information is closed and it is entrusted to accountant office.

-Compliance with laws-
We guide students Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and other related law especially the law of part-time job to all of new students within 2 weeks after they arrived with translations. We emphasize to keep working hours, not to be engaged in sex industries and other illegal jobs. Students’ documents and files are secured; attendance and grades are managed by chief teacher and person in charge only.

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