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Ptocedure from apply to entrance


We examine the applicants who qualified the requirements written below.
Applicants who:

  • 1. completed 12-year or more of education and have the will to enter Japanese university
    ( undergraduate/graduate ).
  • 2. spent less than 5 years after the graduation from the latest school.
  • 3. are highly motivated for learning Japanese and make a good academic record.
  • 4. are in good health physically and mentally and who don't have chronic illness.
  • 5. have the ability to pay all of expenses during stay in Japan.

Entrance and period

4 times of enrollment a year and period of studying is;

2years, 21month, 18month, 15month and 1 year.


April intake July intake October intake January intake
Application starts September December February May
Interview and exam October January March June
Place of interview and exam At the office/school of the agency/school of your country.
*We examine the applicants with interview and composition.
Application deadline November February May August
Your documents MUST arrive to our school by the end of the month written above.
Submission to the immigration end of December end of March end of June end of September
Result notification from the immigration end of February end of May end of August end of November
Visa application at Japanese embassy in your country March June September December
Entrance April 5th July 5th October 5th January 5th


Tuition fees

*From April 2014 intake


1st year
(April, July, October, January intake)
2nd year
April July October January
Admission fee ¥100,000
Tuition fee ¥600,000 ¥600,000 ¥450,000 ¥300,000 ¥150,000
Material fee ¥40,000 ¥40,000 ¥30,000 ¥20,000 ¥10,000
Total ¥740,000 ¥640,000 ¥480,000 ¥320,000 ¥160,000
Screening fee ¥30,000

*1) You MUST pay ¥770,000 in one lump sum as tuition fees for 1st year.
*2) EJU and JLPT exam fees are NOT included.


Housing fee (shared room) ¥120,000 /6months ( ¥20,000/1month )
Registration fee ¥30,000
Other fees ¥30,000 ( internet, fire insurance, facilities, cleaning etc.)
Total ¥180,000
Light, Gas and Water You must pay on your own every month.
(*Rate and charges are depend on how much you used.)

*Once the fees have paid, we will NOT refund any of them for any reasons but we'll refund the fees except for screening fee(\30,000) only when your student visa is rejected at the embassy after Certificate of Eligibility is issued.


1. Health insurance
Non-Japanese residents with alien registration cards who intend to stay Japan more than 3 months MUST enroll in Japanese national health insurance in case of sick and injury.
It cost 19,000JPY per a year as a premium and you have to pay it on your own.
Patients who enrolled in the insurance are required to pay only 30% of the total cost at hospitals.

2・Liability insurance
Liability insurance protect you from the risks of liabilities for damages or losses you gave to others.
You enroll in and pay 2,500JPY per a year as premium .

*These premiums are not stable.


  • 1,You MUST live in the dormitory for the first 6 month.
    *We strongly recommend to live in the dormitory that we provide till you accustomed to Japanese life, but we permit to live in other places under the specific condition, (e.g. you have relatives) only if you submit the documents we require in advance.
  • 2. Facilities
    Washing machine, refrigerator, rice cooker , table, (cooking) stove, lights, air conditioner are equipped for each rooms.
  • 3. Meals
    We don't provide meals and you prepare the cooking tool and materials and cook by yourself.

Required documents to apply

■Documents of applicant
  • 1・Application forms ( include academic and career back grounds, reason for study in Japan, pledge)
  • 2・Graduation certificate and Transcript from the latest school. ( Original )
  • 3・Certificate of Japanese study ( that certify you've studied more than 150 hours )
  • 4・6 piece of ID photo ( taken within 3 month, 3cm×4cm, white background, color )
  • 5・Relationship certificate
■Documents of financial supporter
  • 1・Bank balance certificate ( original, more than 10,000 USD deposit)
  • 2・Agreement for defraying expenses ( written by financial supporter with signature or seal/stamp)
  • 3・Employment certificate and income certificate.
■Before you send the documents, please:
  • 1・make sure that the every document and written statement are correct and based on the true record.
  • 2・make sure the phone number of the company is written on the employment certificate and income certificate.
  • 3・complete 150-hour of Japanese studying by the date of certificate of Japanese study issued and please confirm if the name, address, phone number of the school and studying period are written on the certificate.
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