KLEA ( Kyushu Language Educational Institute) has professional teachers, dedicated guidance and small-group teaching

財団法人 日本語教育振興協会認定校 九州言語教育学院 Kyusyu Language Eduational Institute

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Yumiko MATSUDA ( Chief of teaching section)


We provide better curriculums,educational environment at our school,so that students could pass N1 at Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

However ,only school's education is not sufficient ,students should do their home works regularly,study hard and take their study seriously.If they did not neglect their study and dedicate them self ,I hope they can pass N1 level with in 1 and half year to 2 year.Beside their Japanese language course,we help them on finding universities as their desired course



Foreign Students came with varios wishes,they are here to achieve their goals.They have to spent new life at new places as well.

To such students ,our school shows them right path .We help and support them on solving every problems. We answer to their every question(?).Let us make your dream come true and achieve your goal along with your friends from different country.Let's accept every challenge and fight over it together.

Yasuhiro YAMAURA

Yasuhiro YAMAURA

Students who want to study at japanese language school at japan ,I think their destination is more then japanese language course.

Their goal and destination may be change on the passing days during their life in japan. How ever their goals may change,we provide them an excellent education, speaking ability,writing ability as they need to achieve new destination



I Guess, you are excited for you new destination,but on the other hand you are getting nervous.

Since the day you think about study in japan,your new way have been started. If you walk your new path with steady and dedication ,you will surely have a bright future ahead.Being a teacher we are also happy to support you and your ambition.

We have a lot of chinese students who are studying now.So in this School you found teacher as well as seniors to guide you and support you.let's make your dreams come true at fukuoka



We teach japanese language course to students and revise it everyday untill they remember.

We provide them practical education as well which is the important part of education.We provide individual guidance to every students and prepare them to take first step toward their destination.

As a teacher we view your capacity ,make curriculum as suitable to you and support our best.

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